Star Security is now hiring for our upcoming summer events.  Do you want to be apart of Ontario’s biggest event security company? Do you want be paid to be at all the hottest events? Give us a call at 905.855.7827 or forward us you resume to!!


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  1. Hi I am looking a security job asap plus my availability is anytime 24*7 . I can also give my resume .I called twice nobody answered . Can u call me back on 6473034898 .


  2. I heard u are hiring in london for security y can reach me at 519 719 0222 thank you

  3. I will like to apply to your company

  4. i want to apply for securoty in your company . i have 4 years experience in security as a surity supervisor. ill wait for your reply

  5. I want to know where I have to go to get a job

  6. to whom it may concern I was trying to apply for a job with your company. if someone can could you please contact me by email or phone my number is (773)414-6757 and my name is ifetaya Redmond thank you in advance

  7. Willing to start soon as possible

  8. Hello
    I am looking for part time job

  9. I am currently seeking a job please contact me if you are hiring

  10. I tried to apply for a security position posted with the Hamilton Ticats that was posted on, but due to an unfortunate glitch in the system, my resume was not uploaded. Upon attempting to re-apply, I was booted out of the system due to having already applied for the position (with my resume not attached). Is there a person you can put me in contact with whom I can send my resume to for consideration for this position. As a Police Foundations graduate, and having experience working as a security guard and Auxiliary Police Constable, I feel I would be a strong fit for the position, and as stated on the job posting, graduates of these such programs are guaranteed an interview.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you in order to get his unfortunate situation taken care of.


    Dakota Culbert

  11. I have a security licences and i would like to apply.So i was wondering where can i apply?
    From,Keshon Ramanathan

  12. I am looking for the part time job. i can work friday saturday and sunday and can work night shifts as well.

  13. Hello, I recently saw an ad online that star security was hiring for Tiger cat games in Hamilton, i am intrested in applying and was wondering if i would need a security licence before applying or if the course and licence is given through Star security. thank you

    • admin

      Please send you resume to

    • admin

      You can get the license through us but you will need this before you start working for us. Please contact our HR department for details.

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