services overview


During special events, Star Security will welcome your guests and give them directions, monitor closed areas of the venue, guard event equipment and vehicles, perform searches of guests, provide crowd control and monitor compliance of alcohol regulations. Put your trust in Star Security to ensure your event security runs smoothly.

We’re no strangers to concerts, major sporting events, parades and festivals. Star Security has a renowned reputation in the event industry. Providing an array of event services ranging from ticket taking to VIP escorts, Star’s experience is second to none.

Our special event security professionals can also organize communication and coordination of police and other emergency response agencies on site.

Close Protection

Close Protection security staff work for people in the public eye, including royalty, foreign dignitaries, politicians, high-profile business executives & celebrities. Star Security offers 24×7, 365 protection. Whether you’re traveling within the city, cross country or international, Star Security is prepared.


In the wake of natural disasters, catastrophes and other unforeseen events Star Security’s presence on site provides ease of mind for residence of the community, corporations and other stakeholders. Star Security helps bring structure and organization to what would otherwise be chaos. Mitigate liability and risk by making sure only authorized personnel are on site for safety and security. For immediate relief, contact Star Security.


Star Security is equipped with a solid group of security professionals devoted exclusively to enhancing security for corporations. The Star Security team consists of Certified Professionals who cover the entire security spectrum from investigations to labour contingency.

Our methodology includes observation and inspection of facilities, review of corporate security policies and related documents in addition to information obtained from correspondence with company representatives. Digitized notes and photographs are produced in the course of the review.

Industrial & Commercial

Star security provides ease of mind for your construction projects while they are under development. Mitigate risk and liability by preventing theft, fire and other damages.
During a labour dispute where pickets rally at the gates, security and planning are vital. A potential loss for your company is real when labour unrest occurs, whether it is attempted destruction of your property, trespassing, attempted power and operations sabotage or harm to staff who attempt to cross picket lines. Star Security’s presence on site will mitigate loss and provide a deterrent for staff who may have been thinking of an undesirable course of action. The presence of our security staff will be a comfort to management and staff who are working during such stressful periods.


Do you have a unique or unlisted event requiring security? Not sure what you need? Contact Star Security discuss your needs and build a plan to suit your request.