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Star Security Inc. leverages the latest technological innovations to support our security guards in the field. Guards are connected and monitored in real time through our high-tech operation programs. This means it's possible to escalate incidents as soon as they happen and respond to them immediately. Operators in our control centre support operations 24/7/365 and constantly monitor to assist employees and clients during emergencies.



Star Security understands that working closely with Property Managers, Board Members and Residents for the purpose of sustaining a high quality level of service is Paramount. Through our commitment and professional approach to security services and public relations, our concierge staff strives to enhance the reputation of your property. Our Staff is an extension of your property and with a Customer Service approach we will assist the property’s residents, and calmly deal with trespassers, emergencies and confrontations with extreme professionalism. All of our Concierge and Security Staff receive training in Customer Service, Access Control, Fire Procedures, Console Operations, Common Areas, Elevators, Move-ins, Building’s Facilities Procedures and Underground and Visitor Parking.


Our retail investigators are trained to save you money and are motivated to reduce overall losses to your store. We hand pick our LPO’s train them and assign a seasoned and successful investigator to mentor them and hone their skills. 

Our objective is lower and sustainable shrink level, and to accomplish this goal, Loss Prevention offers a number of integrated services, including:

  • Retail floor surveillance to apprehend and deter shoplifters;

  • Employee investigations when endemic internal theft is suspected;

  • Integrity shopping to ensure employees are following loss prevention procedures;

  • Secret shoppers to analyze customers' shopping experience;

  • Complete store audits

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