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You can count on Star Security Inc to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about any of our services.


Star Security is equipped with a solid group of security professionals devoted exclusively to enhancing security for corporations, hotels and other professional venues. The Star Security team consists of Certified Professionals who cover the entire security spectrum from in-house security to convention security services.
Our methodology includes observation and inspection of facilities, review of corporate security policies and related documents in addition to information obtained from correspondence with company representatives. Digitized notes and photographs are produced in the course of the review.



We have a solid group of security professionals devoted exclusively to enhancing security for companies and properties.  Our review methodology involves observation and inspection of facilities, review of corporate policies, security policies and related documents.  STAR Security will implement on site Post Orders as customized on site policies and procedures tailored to each individual client’s requirements.  Our Security Guards are equipped with all relevant and site specific training that may be required for each individual facility.  Our philosophy and approach is Customer Service focused at all times while maintaining a safe and secure environment for employees as well as guests.

Security Guard


Criminals are not deterred by random drive-by patrols, video cameras or alarms.  Incidents of theft, vandalism and arson can cause costly losses to your business, and are often undetected.  A designated STAR high-profile security guard will physically patrol your site and act as a continuous visible deterrent to crime, trespassing and vandalism.
Our Security Guards are also trained to in vehicle searches as well as employee bag and or tool checks to ensure company and contractor assets remain on site and accounted for.



Our highly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors will come to your site in a clearly marked security vehicle to ensure that your property is safe and secure.  STAR will initiate a security report documenting on site findings. Reports will  be sent in real time to ensure you receive all necessary information first thing. 
STAR offers an Alarm Response Program where we work hand in hand with Alarm Monitoring Companies. We are the "responders" to the alarm, our responsibility is to ensure that all is safe, and there has been no entry or damage on the premises, to apprehend suspects if still on site and to ensure that evidence is not tampered with until the Police arrive. STAR Security has a comprehensive network of clients, which allows us a more receptive response time to alarms city wide within all locations we presently service in Ontario.

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Our investigations department will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision with the confidence of knowing all the facts you need. We maintain the highest level of professionalism and never undermine the quality of an investigation. Conduct background checks on persons, companies, associates, etc. Our search experts use the most comprehensive public record databases. We will provide you with a Personal Profile Report and more. 

We have a strong team of Investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement including (R.C.M.P., Police Officers, Drug Enforcement, Personnel, Environmental Investigators, Computer Analysts, etc.) trained in all forms of surveillance using the latest most up-to-date surveillance equipment. Our Investigators are trained to diffuse potentially hostile situations, via tactical communications, with crisis management training and over 80 years combined experience



During a labour dispute where pickets rally at the gates, security and planning are vital.  A potential loss for your company is real when labour unrest occurs, whether it is attempted destruction of your property, trespassing, attempted power and operations sabotage or harm to staff.  STAR’s security presence on site will mitigate loss and provide a deterrent for staff who may have been thinking of an unpredictable course of action. The presence of our security staff will be a comfort to management and staff who are working during such stressful periods.

Pre-Strike Planning - An Important step in planning for a Labour Dispute.

  • Special Response Strike Team will      respond in hours to any Emergency Labour dispute situation. 

  • Provide unmarked vehicles for transporting management personnel over strike lines. 

  • Provide off site security for Management houses, vehicles. 

  • Provide a secure compound for Vehicle transfers. 

  • Help Company in acquiring a court injunction through videos, photos, logs etc. 

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