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Commercial Security Services

For Commercial Security Services, Don’t Look Any Further than Store Security with STAR Security

If you have a store, you don’t want to find out that it has been broken into. That’s something we can help with at STAR Security. We offer store security and commercial security services that may be perfect for your needs. We have a highly trained team of Mobile Patrol Supervisors who will come to your site with a clearly marked vehicle. This will act as a deterrent against crime, trespassing and vandalism. We will also send you reports about your site, so you know if an alarm goes off or a response is mobilized.

If you have a hotel, we’re happy to offer a group of security professionals who are completely devoted to helping with hotel security. Our team is certified and can help with in-house security, convention security and more. Our team will observe and inspect facilities, help review corporate policies and documents and take the time to appropriately represent you as they do the job. Throughout our time in your location, we will be able to take notes and photographs, especially if you want a review over how to make your facility safer.

We are happy that we can offer uniformed security when you need it. We have a solid group of professionals who will come to you in an outfit that shows that they mean business. Our guards can stay stationed where you need them or roam the facility, so that they are monitoring your business for trouble at all times.

Give us a call today at 905.855.7827 to schedule a consultation for your security needs. We would love to help you get the right team out to your location, so that your store can be protected. We are here to help, so give us a call now.

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